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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

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St. Martins-Edgewood-Mukwonago Rebuild Project

Project overview The St. Martins-Edgewood-Mukwonago Rebuild Project is a 14-mile transmission line replacement project. The existing 138,000 volt single-circuit transmission line will be replaced between the St. Martins substation in Franklin to the Edgewood substation in Big Bend to the Mukwonago substation in Mukwonago. Proposed work The work involves replacing the conductors and lattice tower structures, which are approximately 90-years-old. New, steel single-pole structures will replace […]

Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project

Creekview Interconnection Project

Project overview American Transmission Co., together with We Energies, has proposed a new transmission line and substation near the Village of Eden, Wis. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved the project in October 2015. Components of the project include: A new We Energies substation that would occupy a parcel approximately 425′ by 425′ located on the […]

Colley Road-Brick Church Rebuild Project

American Transmission Co. received approval to rebuild a 20-mile, 69,000-volt line between the Colley Road Substation in Beloit, Wis., and the Brick Church Substation in Walworth, Wis. The project is needed to replace aging infrastructure and help ensure electric reliability in the area by relieving potential system constraints due to projected load growth. The project […]

Branch River Substation

A new substation is needed in Manitowoc County to provide electric system stability. The Branch River Project involves building a new 345-kV substation and associated 345-kV transmission lines in the Manitowoc County Town of Franklin.

Paris-Albers Rebuild Project

Project overview The Paris-Albers Rebuild Project is a transmission line replacement project. Approximately 12.5 miles of 138-kV transmission lines in Kenosha County was replaced to ensure safe and reliable electric transmission operations in the future. The line runs from the Paris Substation in Paris to the Albers Substation in Kenosha. Additional details are available on the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin’s […]

Zoo Interchange Project

American Transmission Co. is relocating seven overhead 138-kilovolt transmission lines to accommodate the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s expansion of the Zoo Interchange (Interstate Highway 894-94/U.S. Highway 45).  All of the circuits will be moved to accommodate expansion and realignment of the interchange and the existing lattice structures will be replaced with single poles. The project […]

Bay Lake Project – Wisconsin

North Appleton-Morgan Expanded substation facilities at the North Appleton site on French Road in the Town of Freedom, Outagamie County, A new 345-kV line and a new 138-kV line between North Appleton and the Morgan Substation in Oconto County. A new substation (Benson Lake) will be required to accommodate a large voltage-cotrol device. Benson Lake will be located near […]

Bay Lake Project – Michigan

Holmes-Old Mead Road A single-circuit 138-kV line from the Holmes Substation in Menominee County to the Old Mead Road Substation in Escanaba. When the Bay Lake Project was originally proposed, it included two new 138-kV lines between Menominee County and Escanaba. It was subsequently determined that a single transmission line will be adequate for the foreseeable future. […]

Spring Valley-North Lake Geneva Electric Reliability Project

Project overview American Transmission Co. received approval for a new and upgraded electric transmission facilities to keep pace with growing electricity demand in southern Walworth and western Kenosha counties in Wisconsin. The project involves: Construction of a new 138,000-volt transmission line of approximately 23 miles, stretching from the existing North Lake Geneva Substation in southern Walworth County […]