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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

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Howards Grove-Erdman Project

Project overview American Transmission Co. plans to construct a new 6.6-mile 138,000 volt high-voltage transmission line to ensure electric reliability in Sheboygan County and the surrounding area. The electric modifications for the project include: Constructing a new 6.6-mile single circuit 138-kV line from the Howards Grove Substation near the village of Howards Grove to the […]

Barneveld Military Ridge Interconnection Project

Project overview ATC is applying for state regulatory approval to construct a new 69,000-volt electric transmission line along U.S. Highway 18/151 from the Hooterville Substation, just west of the village of Barneveld, Wis. to County Trunk Highway JG, south of the village of Mount Horeb. This portion of the proposed line would share the right-of-way and transmission structures with the forthcoming Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project. No new right-of-way is anticipated. As part […]

Badger Hollow Network Upgrades Project

Project overview American Transmission Co. is constructing new electric transmission line infrastructure to connect with the Badger Hollow Solar Farm generation facility in Iowa County, Wis. The electric modifications include: Expanding the Highland Substation in the town of Eden. Constructing a new double-circuit 69,000-volt transmission line south from the Highland Substation to connect with line Y-138 in […]

Sturgeon Bay Submarine Cable Replacement Project

Project overview Wisconsin’s lower Door County and upper Door County have been connected electronically for decades by a  69,000-volt submarine transmission line. This connection is critical to electric reliability in the Door County peninsula. ATC will establish a new 69,000-volt circuit under the Sturgeon Bay Ship Channel, approximately one half mile in length. Project need […]

Auburn – Barton – St. Lawrence Rebuild Project

Approximately 18 miles of 138,000-volt transmission line in Washington and south Fond du Lac counties needs to be rebuilt to serve the electric load in the area more effectively. The majority of the lines have reached the end of their useful life, and replacing them will enhance electric reliability and help meet the current and […]

Bayport – Pioneer Rebuild Project

Overview Approximately 21 miles of 69,000-volt transmission line north of Green Bay, Wis., needs to be rebuilt and upgraded to 138-kV to serve the electric load in the area effectively and reliably. The 1910s-vintage lattice structures and wires have reached the end of their life cycle and will be replaced between the Bayport Substation in […]

Straits Cable Replacement Project

Project overview Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and lower Michigan have been connected electrically for decades by two underwater 138,000-volt transmission lines, comprised of six cables. These connections are critical to electric reliability in the eastern U.P. and northern lower Michigan. ATC will remove the six underwater cables and re-establish two new 138-kV circuits in the Straits, […]

Ogden St. Networking Project

Project overview The Ogden Street Networking Project in Menominee, Wis. and Marinette, Mich. is needed to replace and upgrade the aging existing transmission equipment, which will enhance the reliability of the local and regional electric system. The cost of the project is $17.1 million. Project components Remove the foundations, transmission poles and wires east of […]

Mount Pleasant Tech Interconnection Project

Project overview American Transmission Co. is constructing new electric transmission line infrastructure to support the Foxconn development. The electric modifications include: Construct the new Mount Pleasant Substation south of Braun Road along the east side of County Trunk Highway H and Braun Road to provide electrical service for the Foxconn campus. Electrically connect the existing […]

Finger Road-Canal 69-kV Rebuild Project

ATC plans to rebuild the 69,000-volt electric transmission line that runs between the Finger Road Substation in Green Bay, Wis., the Beardsley St. Substation in Kewaunee, Wis., and the Canal Substation in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Seven distribution substations that deliver power to homes and businesses in the area are served by this line. The original […]