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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

Creekview Interconnection Project

Project overview

American Transmission Co., together with We Energies, has proposed a new transmission line and substation near the Village of Eden, Wis. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved the project in October 2015. Components of the project include:

  • A new We Energies substation that would occupy a parcel approximately 425′ by 425′ located on the north side of CTH F, east of Greenway Road.
  • A 138,000 volt transmission line, to provide service to the new We Energies substation. The transmission line would run from the substation east and then connect north for 9.3 miles along an existing 345-kV line.


The estimated cost of this project will range from $25 million to $26 million.

Need for the project

The proposed We Energies substation, located approximately 1 mile southeast of the Village of Eden along CTH F is needed to support the low-voltage, electric distribution system and improve overall electric system reliability in the region.

The area’s electric transmission system is vulnerable to low voltages and power outages and will no longer adequately support the lower-voltage distribution system. This project will provide system redundancy and allow for maintenance outages when repairs are needed.

Project introduced to the publicSpring 2014
Environmental field reviewSummer 2014
Submit application to the Public Service Commission of WisconsinFebruary 2015
Receive PSC decision Fall 2015
Pre-construction activitiesFall 2016
Start construction of transmission linesNovember 2016
We Energies substation construction beginsApril 2017
Project in-serviceOctober 2017
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