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PSC approves ATC’s Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center Transmission Line Project

Illinois regulators approved Illinois portion of the project April 10

PEWAUKEE, Wis. – American Transmission Co. on Friday received unanimous approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to build an approximately 5.8-mile, 345-kilovolt electric transmission line called the Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center Transmission Line Project.

The northern end point of the line will be the Pleasant Prairie Substation in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. The southern end point will be the Zion Energy Center Substation in the City of Zion, Ill. The project, which provides local and regional benefits, was designated as a MISO Multi-Value Project in December 2011. The cost of the project, estimated at $31 million, will be spread across the entire MISO region.

“We are pleased that the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and Illinois Commerce Commission have approved this project,” said Mary Carpenter, ATC local relations representative. “This project will help relieve transmission congestion and strengthen the electric system in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. It also will provide economic benefits to utilities and electric consumers by improving access to the regional energy market.”

The PSC approved ATC’s approximately 4-mile preferred route in Wisconsin. The approved route in Wisconsin runs east out of the Pleasant Prairie Substation and then runs south along existing railroad and transmission line corridors. The approved route in Illinois matches up with the Wisconsin route, generally heading south along the eastern portion of railroad right-of-way and ending at the northeast side of the Zion Energy Center Substation.

ATC is beginning final engineering and easement acquisition and will start construction by early 2013. The line is scheduled to be placed in service in mid-2013.

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