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ATC works with Arboretum to preserve oak trees along Beltline

Crews will be trimming vegetation near Arboretum this week

MADISON, Wis. – American Transmission Co. this week is continuing Rockdale-West Middleton Transmission Line Project construction work along the eastbound Beltline near the Arboretum.

“In an effort to improve the area, which includes invasive species and dense vegetation, ATC is working with the Arboretum,” said Sarah Justus, ATC local relations manager. “We are also doing limited trimming and tree removal along the frontage road between Todd Drive and Seminole Highway.”

Later this spring, ATC will install low-profile poles along the eastbound Beltline. These poles have been designed to minimize the visual impact from inside the Arboretum. All poles near the Arboretum will be placed in DOT highway medians.

“We are cooperating with ATC on a comprehensive approach to tree and brush removal to accommodate the new power lines. High quality oak trees along the West Beltline Highway will be preserved,” Said Arboretum Ecologist Brad Herrick. “In addition, arborists will clear invasive species and hazard trees along the Arboretum fence to improve safety while serving our ecological restoration goals for that area.”

“We are happy to have the Arboretum’s involvement in planning our work and to provide resources to make improvements as part of our construction,” said Justus.

ATC will begin installing foundations and structures along the eastbound Beltline near the Arboretum in Spring 2012. Following structure setting, wires will be strung in Summer 2012. Work in the area is expected to be completed in Fall 2012. The project will begin serving the public in Summer 2013.

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