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ATC News release: Regulatory application filed with PSC for Rockdale-West Middleton Project

ATC submits regulatory application for Rockdale – West Middleton project to PSC
Year-long regulatory review includes evaluation of need, alternatives and routes

MADISON, Wis. – ATC today submitted to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin its application requesting approval of a proposal for a new 345-kilovolt electric transmission line through Dane County between the towns of Middleton and Christiana. The project, with a cost between $213 million and $250 million, is a critical infrastructure improvement that will:

• reinforce the entire transmission network in Dane County
• reduce the threat of future system outages
• eliminate the need for multiple new, lower voltage transmission lines in the future
• provide critical power for continued economic development and a growing population
• benefit the environment by efficiently moving power throughout the county, reducing electricity lost in transit. This results in reduced electricity generation and the fuels needed to produce power.

Over the past two and half years, ATC has worked with local residents, community representatives, elected officials and others to gather input and answer questions about the project. “We appreciate the involvement of the public in helping to shape the decisions related to this project,” said Mark Williamson, vice president of major projects. “We look forward to continued public dialogue on our proposal as the PSC begins its regulatory review.”

According to Williamson, the PSC in its analysis makes two distinct determinations. “The PSC will first study the need for the project, including alternative solutions. Once the need has been established and the project is determined to be the optimal solution, the staff will review the proposed route options and render a decision on the project.”

The final routes included in ATC’s construction application follow two basic east-west corridors. These routes, which were announced in August, include a northern route that generally follows the Beltline Highway and a southern route that traverses mostly rural areas offset from county highways. Some variations to the routes provide alternate connections or paths between the two primary routes. Williamson noted that the company did
not designate a preferred route in its application. “All the route options have pros and cons. It will be up to the PSC to determine the route that best represents the public interest.”

“Our filing represents the next step in the public process that will culminate with a PSC decision,” said Williamson. “There will be numerous opportunities for public comment, including a public hearing prior to a PSC order, which we hope to receive in early 2009.”

If approved, the company would begin construction in 2010 and place the line in service in 2013. ATC’s application, Docket No. 137-CE-147 is available for viewing in the Case Management section of the PSC’s web site at Copies will also be available late this week at Dane County area libraries, and in each municipal and town clerks’ office.

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