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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

Bay Lake Project virtual open house


The Bay Lake Project, a collection of 345-kilovolt and 138-kilovolt lines and substations, will improve electric reliability in the northern portion of ATC’s service area. The region experiences a delicate balance between generation, transmission and demand on for electricity. The system often operates at capacity most hours of the year, making it difficult to take components out of service for maintenance, leaving the area vulnerable to power outages.

At open houses in northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in 2012, we introduced our Bay Lake Project to strengthen the electric transmission system that serves the region. Nearly 5,000 area residents and local officials attended the open houses, where they could ask ATC representatives questions about the project. Click on the videos below to learn the answers to many commonly asked questions at the open houses.

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Answering your questions

What are transmission lines and how do they operate?

What can I expect during construction?

How will this project impact my electric bill?

Who is ATC and how are you different from my local utility?

Who decides if a project is needed and what route is chosen?

Will living near a power line affect my health?

Will the presence of a transmission line affect the value of my property?

Is a new line necessary?