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Kirkwood-Trienda Rebuild Project improves electric reliability in Portage area

Project was placed in service Feb. 23

 MADISON, Wis. – American Transmission Co. last week placed the Kirkwood-Trienda transmission line back in service. The 138,000-volt line, which serves the Portage, Wis., area, needed to be partially rebuilt due to aging structures and erosion on islands in the Wisconsin River.  

 Construction work included removing 17 structures and replacing them with 14 new weathering steel structures. ATC crews used helicopters to move equipment and set structures. Helicopter use minimized construction time and decreased environmental impacts to the area. In addition to helicopters, the project team used tracked vehicles and an airboat, which can travel on land, water and ice.

“Rebuilding transmission lines on islands in the Wisconsin River presented some construction challenges,” said ATC Project Manager Doug Berton. “Thanks to innovative construction techniques and equipment, we were able to place the line in service two weeks early.” 

“I’d like to thank area residents and local officials for their cooperation and assistance while we worked to improve electric reliability for the area,” said Jon Callaway, ATC local relations representative. “This project will serve the area well for years to come.” 

Project construction work began in December 2011. Restoration work will be completed in spring 2012.

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