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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

Straits-Pine River

Electric demand in the eastern Upper Peninsula is steadily increasing and the 69-kilovolt transmission system that serves it is reaching capacity; it is frequently overloaded. Low-voltage conditions, which can contribute to system outages, are common. While some improvements have been made, ATC now proposes a long-term solution that will enhance reliability in the area.

Two lines, originally built in the 1930s, will be rebuilt between the Straits Substation in St. Ignace and the Pine River Substation in Rudyard. The new, double-circuit line will be built to 138-kV standards, constructed on steel poles, but will be operated at 69-kV. The rebuilt lines will reduce energy loss on the system, provide more flexibility in routing power and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance. Cost of the project is estimated at $40 million.

Project at a Glance
Communities affected:St. Ignace and Rudyard; Moran, St. Ignace and Rudyard townships. A portion of the line runs through the Hiawatha National Forest.
Line length:25 miles
Voltage:69 kilovolts
End points:Straits Substation (St. Ignace) and Pine River Substation (Rudyard)
Status of project:Under construction
Environmental analysis:Ongoing through summer 2010
Public involvement:Summer 2010 and ongoing
Hiawatha National Forest special permit review:Ongoing through summer 2010
Update easements with landowners between Straits Substation and Evergreen Tap:Fall 2010
Anticipated decision on permit from Hiawatha National Forest:Summer 2011
Negotiate new easements with landowners between Evergreen Tap and Pine River Substation:Summer 2011
Construction start:Late 2012
In-service date:Summer 2014
*Dates are anticipated and subject to changes
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