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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

Rock River-Elkhorn Conversion Project

PROJECT STATUS: Completed and in service

ATC has taken a phased approach to a project which involved upgrades to existing transmission lines and substations, and construction of new facilities. The end points are the Rock River Substation in the town of Rock and the Elkhorn Substation in the City of Elkhorn.

The existing 69-kilovolt transmission system that has served the areas in Rock and Walworth counties for several decades is no longer adequate to accommodate the growth in recent years and the expected growth in the future.

Modifications and additions to the system to convert it to a 138-kilovolt system and ensure reliable electric service was completed in July 2009.

Turtle to West Darien

Modifications have been completed on this existing 18-mile line and it was converted to 138-kilovolt in 2009. The aging wood poles and wires between the Turtle Substation near the town of Beloit and the West Darien Substation on the southwest side of Darien were replaced with steel poles and new wires.

West Darien to SW Delavan

This line was constructed in 2006-2007 mostly along new right-of-way that connects the West Darien Substation to a new Alliant Substation southwest of Delavan. This line was converted to 138 kV spring 2009.

SW Delavan to Bristol

This phase, which was approved by the PSC in 2006, involved the construction of a new line mostly along Interstate 43 between Alliant’s SE Delavan substation and the Bristol Substation northeast of Delavan. The first stage of construction began in November 2007 and was completed and the line upgraded to 138 kV spring 2009.

Bristol-Delavan Voltage Conversion Upgrade

The existing 1.5-mile transmission line through the City of Delavan between the Delavan Substation at 602 E. Wisconsin St. and the Bristol Substation at 6396 Mound Rd. was upgraded from 69 kilovolts to 138 kilovolts in July 2009. Read more.

Rock River – Turtle

This phase, which was approved by the PSC, involved constructing a small line segment on the west end of the project between Rock River Substation and Turtle Substation and modifications to several substations along the entire line. The line was converted to 138 kilovolts spring 2009.

Final hhase

At the final stage of this project, ATC removed the transmission facilities from two segments of transmission lines. (See project area map.) In most cases the structures remained to support the distribution lines that serve the area. Construction crews removed the already de-energized transmission line from the poles, and cut the poles from their current height of about 70 feet down to approximately 40 feet. These activities were completed winter 2009.

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