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Kelly-Bunker Hill-Blackbrook (Line M-13) Reinforcement Project

Project need and overview

ATC is proposing to rebuild, replace and remove a number of transmission system elements in Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade counties due to aging conditions and to improve reliability.

Presently, a 115,000-volt line runs north from the Kelly Substation in the town of Weston in Marathon County to the Bunker Hill Substation in the Town of Pine River in Lincoln County before turning east to the Blackbrook Substation in the town of Ackley in Langlade County. To improve reliability,

  • the 8-mile line between Bunker Hill and Blackbrook will be rebuilt as a double-circuit line alongside the existing line, which will be removed;
  • the 19-mile line between Kelly and Bunker Hill will be upgraded;
  • a new substation, Ackley, will be built in the Town of Pine River;
  • and the Bunker Hill and Blackbrook substations will be removed.

Additional work at substations in Merrill, Weston, Mosinee and Antigo will be necessary to support the new equipment. The transmission line will follow the corridor of the existing line, referred to as M-13.

Cost of the project is $30 million.

Regulatory review by Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
Docket # 137-CE-182
Early 2016
Anticipated PSC decision:Spring 2016
Right-of-way clearing begins:Fall 2016
Construction start:Summer 2017
In-service date:Spring 2019
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