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Project website for a Wisconsin-based company that owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system that powers communities in portions of the Upper Midwest.

Finger Road-Canal 69-kV Rebuild Project

ATC plans to rebuild the 69,000-volt electric transmission line that runs between the Finger Road Substation in Green Bay, Wis., the Beardsley St. Substation in Kewaunee, Wis., and the Canal Substation in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. Seven distribution substations that deliver power to homes and businesses in the area are served by this line. The original line was built in 1951 and is in poor condition, reaching the end of its life. Plans are to rebuild the 55-mile, single-circuit line along the center line of the existing corridor, replacing wood structures with either steel or wood single-pole structures. Several spans will involve some minor relocation because of constraints or opportunities for improved maintenance, safety, reliability, cost or reduced impact to landowners or the environment. Line clearance issues between the Beardsley Substation and the East Krok Substation on Krok Road also will be addressed in this project.

The project was approved by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in February 2017.

Docket # 137-CE-184

Project at a glance
Areas that benefit:Northeastern Wisconsin
Counties where facilities may be located:Brown, Kewaunee, Door
Line length:55 miles
Estimated project cost:$60.7 million
End points:Finger Road Substation (Green Bay), Beardsley Road Substation (Kewaunee) and Canal Substation (Sturgeon Bay)
Regulatory approval:February 2017
Start construction (corridor clearing):Fall 2017
Transmission line construction (foundations, structure setting, stringing):Fall 2018
Target in-service date:January 2021
*Dates are anticipated and subject to changes
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