Badger Coulee virtual open house

American Transmission Co. and Xcel Energy have plans for a high-voltage transmission line in western Wisconsin that would address electric system reliability issues locally and in the Midwest, provide economic savings and support renewable energy policy. The area, from north of La Crosse to northern Dane County, is being considered for the approximately 160- to 180-mile, 345-kilovolt line.

Check out a video library of commonly asked questions and additional information below.

Answering your questions
  • Who is ATC and how are you different from my local utility?
  • Is a new line necessary?
  • How will this project impact my electric bill?
  • Who decides if a project is needed and what route is chosen?
  • How do I voice my concerns about a project?
  • What are EMFs?
  • Will living near a power line affect my health?
  • Will the presence of a transmission line affect the value of my property?
  • Can transmission lines be buried underground?
  • What do transmission lines look like?